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Arena Locations

How do we get there?

Hawk Arena ~ Edwards Road ~ Effingham, KS

Circleville Saddle Club ~ Circleville, KS
Follow US Hwy #116 to Circleville Turnoff (State sign)
Go North 3-5 miles and you'll run into the arena! 
(116 West out of Holton)

Lancaster Saddle Club ~ Lancaster, KS
Lancaster is off of 73 Hwy, you can see the arena from the Hwy.
Turn into Lancaster and cross the railroad tracks.  Located behind the Grain Elevators 

Valley Falls Saddle Club - VALLEY FALLS, KS
*Arena located 3 miles West of Valley Falls on US 16 highway

 Map location near arena

Rafter Arena at R Bar BTOPEKA, KS
*Arena located east of Hwy 4 on 39th Street
Map location near arena

Crossroads Cowboy Church WILLIAMSTOWN, KS
*Arena located at the crossroads of US Hwy's 24/59 & S Hwy 76
Map location near arena         

Hawk Arena - EFFINGHAM, KS
*Arena located on US 159 west of town, north of the water Tower
 Map location near arena

North Topeka Saddle Club - TOPEKA, KS
*Arena located on 7341 Nw Topeka Ave, Topeka, KS 66618 · North Topeka East

Circleville Saddle Club
*Arena located 3.5 miles north of US 116 to Circleville on K Road
Map location near arena    



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